My Blog Turns 2 Today!

Hello All,

I am so glad that I completed two years of blogging. I haven’t been so regular in the blogging front. My family keeps me busy all the time. Yet I have managed to sustain this whole effort. This blog now has 88 useful recipes.  I have also received more than 200 comments from my wonderful readers across the world. This is indeed encouraging and motivates me to continue to blog.

The huge response that I got through this blog also inspired me to publish my book last year. The response has been very positive again. Thanks to all of you again.

I take this opportunity to list top 5 recipes in this blog here today:

My Diet Chart also seems to be a big hit. I am glad you find the chart useful.

I hope to keep posting useful recipes in the coming days. Please keep visiting this blog and do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions. I would also love to hear diet recommendations from you.

I wish you all a very blissful and healthy life.




2 Responses to My Blog Turns 2 Today!

  1. Diana Swan says:

    Congrats on 2 years of posting. I’ve visited a few times and took a lot from it, thank you for your dedication.

  2. hi madam!
    I am dr.rajesh moganti, final year medical student from india (andra pradesh) and admin of , — about me : i was fascinated towards blogging and specially on diabetes because my father who is a school headmaster was diagnosed with diabetes type on 2000, thats how i started this site! My aim is to make this site a top in Asia with information on the nutrition, basic diabetes info, diabetes forums, diabetes expert advices and specially recipes and tips which you provide!

    I have contacted many people to work for my site and i have started this site before 2 years ! I was even ranked top 100 best bloggers in wellsphere :), so wanted to make it a huge and NEED YOUR HELP! i got your information from a dietician named Sanjana (admin of from mangalore) and wanted you to help me in providing diabetes related recipes and all the tips you know in the Indians point of view and we will create an account for you madam and you can frequently write detailed posts and articles 🙂 ! already few people started from us and i find you are best in india since you are very active and interested in topic diabetes 🙂 !

    madam eager to talk to u on phone ! this is my mobile number – 09000952777 and email id – ! PLEASE MAIL ME OR CALL BACK ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR you give me your number and i will call you !

    Thank you madam!
    have a nice day !
    hope that i will get reply from you soon!

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