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I am glad to announce that 75 Choicest Healthy Recipes for Diabetes and Obesity is now available in print. The recipe categories include starters, main courses, soups, juices, vegetable dishes, indian breads, desserts, salads, pudding and much more.

Here are snapshots of my books:

English Version


Tamil Version


If you are interested in purchasing this book please drop in an email to learn the cost of the book and mode of delivery.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



23 Responses to My Books

  1. paru says:

    how much your book cost? is it veg recipies?

  2. sailaja says:

    Hi Madam,
    I want to buy your book, my husband is diabetic and I’m obese….this book is right for us. Please email me how to buy that.


  3. Rama Krishna says:


    I saw some of your receipes for Diabetes persons. Im intresting in buying the book of Eng Version. Can you send the price details along with shipping cost to my email.

    Rama Krishna, Seattle, WA

  4. Natraj Sitaram says:

    Can you quote the price + shipping of your english edition book? I live in Detroit Michigan USA
    Thank you

  5. Mahi says:

    Can I know the cost of the English version of your book? Also how much do u charge for the shipping? I reside at Abudhabi. Is it available in India, if so where can I get it from?

  6. Manju says:

    Can you let me know how I can get this book?

    • Sharadha says:

      Hi Manju,

      Please mail me your complete postal address and whether you want English or Tamil or both. Also indicate number of copies that you need.


  7. Roopa says:


    I like your site very much and have been trying all the recipes. I live in the US and would be interested in buying this book.
    Could you please mail me the details?

  8. kamala says:

    plss let me know how i can get the english version of your book ? i live in dallas texas ,is the book available in chennai also how much will you charge to mail the book here ?
    plss reply asap

  9. Ashutosh says:

    Dear Sharadha,

    Thanks for the lovely posts and life saving suggestions.

    I went for a blood sugar test 4 weeks ago and found my levels to be 250 in fastinga nd 372 after fasting.
    I am 34 year old ad my weight is 66 kg. My height is 5 ft 8

    I want to buy this book and also intrested in any suggestions you may have.


    I really want to avoid medicines.

  10. Anupa says:

    Dear Sharadhaji,

    I found your site very outstanding as u treat food for diabetics & obesity without pledging their tastebuds. Appreciate your Greatwork!!

    I am now staying in dubai. My husband has type 2 diabetics and i am overweight and trying to reduce it.
    I really feel that this book will be really handy for me.
    Could u please send me the price and mode of delivery details.

  11. Lavina says:

    Do you have any distributor here in the US, How can I pay for this?

  12. Shaheen says:

    How many pages is the book. It is a pity that a book that costs Rs.75/- needs Rs.600/- for shipping.
    You should make the book available by download and charge at least Rs.200/- so you make more money than the shipping company, and your customers can get buy even at 2 o’clock in the morning anywhere in the world.
    Let me know how many page are in the book, and how much of it is in color. Thank you.

  13. Shaheen says:

    About bitter gourd juice. If you soak it in salt water and then throw away the water are we not reducing the effective ness of the Gourd.

  14. Manjula says:

    Dear Sharadha,

    I would need the book, I stay in Bangalore . Kindly let me know whats the mode of delivery .
    My e-mail


  15. mahesh says:

    i would like have one english version book for diabetic patient how to get it send details for mail id iam based at hyderabad india

  16. Sudhir P.Dhadekar says:

    I would like to buy your book in English version, How to get it please send your address details. I am from Bagalkot, Karnataka State.

  17. Dear Maam,

    I would love to avail this book, I live in Bangalore and my email id is /

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