Green Soup


  • One cup of palak leaves
  • One cup of drumstick leaves
  • One medium sized onion
  • One tomato
  • One small piece of ginger
  • 3or4 flakes of garlic
  • 1/2 tsp pepper powder
  • One cardamom
  • One clove
  • One small piece of cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp fennel seeds
  • One Bay leaf
  • Salt as required


  1. In a piece of white cloth, pack cardamom, clove, cinnamon, fennel seeds, bay leaf and tie the bundle with a small thread .
  2. In a pan, boil palak leaves, drumstick leaves, onion, tomato, ginger and garlic along with masala bundle till they get cooked.
  3. Allow them to cool.
  4. Remove the masala bundle and grind the cooked palak in a mixer.
  5. Strain the mixture and add salt, pepper and enough water.
  6. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes.

Serve hot with whole wheat bread.

One Response to Green Soup

  1. manila says:

    I will try this out. Although I will substitute the drumstick leaves with some other green or will at least reduce their quantity. They are a bit bitter for my taste.

    Good recipe.

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