I Hit 50 and More in Six Months!

I started blogging in February and I just realized that I have completed 6 wonderful months of blogging and have written about 52 recipes.

I have had about 14,000 visitors to my blog in these six months. 93 visitors left their valuable comments and queries that really enthused me to write more.

Thanks to all my readers. Without you I would not have reached this far.

I also take this chance to thank my husband, Sankar who has been a constant support and has helped me a lot to maintain this blog. He has been my main inspiration to start this blog.

My sincere thanks to my doctor friends Dr.Udit.B.Das and Dr.Monica Dalal who actually introduced me to sprouts and vegetable therapy. I would also like to thank my American Neighbour Patricia who introduced me to red rice, quinoa, ragi sphagetti and other stuff.

Thanks to my daughter, Rupa, who set up this blog for me and helped me get started with blogging.

Finally, thanks a lot my readers. You inspire me to write more.

Please keep reading my recipes and please do write to me with your queries, feedback and suggestions.

Here are the top 10 recipes in this blog so far:


4 Responses to I Hit 50 and More in Six Months!

  1. shoba says:


    Congratulations for this milestone, wonderful site with lots of good info, keep coming we love to cook this way.


  2. Sonali says:

    Dear Aunty,

    Congratulations and I hope to see more of such recipes. I really love all of your healthy recipes. Thanks.

  3. Sharadha says:

    Hi Sonali,

    Thanks. I am working on more healthy recipes.

  4. Sharadha says:

    Hi Shoba,

    Thanks for your pleasing comment.

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