Oats Porridge

Last Saturday, we were in a holiday mood. We went shopping, had sumptuous lunch and came back only in the evening. I was too tired to cook. But I didn’t want any of us to skip dinner. My daughter wanted something light, but filling. I quickly made this porridge without milk and sugar.

Generally oats are rich in protein and fiber and including oats in your diet regularly helps you reduce cholesterol and also helps you control blood sugar.

This porridge is ideal for those who want to lose weight and are on diet.

The steps to make this porridge are simple.

I first cooked the oats and allowed it to cool. I added two carrots, one amla, fresh curd, enough salt and enough water in a mixer and ground the contents well. I strained the ground contents and added the contents to the cooked oats.

The result was something as shown below 🙂

You can have this porridge with fruits.

Note: The consistency of the porridge should be like soup.

For a cup of raw oats, you can take two carrots, one amla and half cup of fresh curd.


3 Responses to Oats Porridge

  1. Shilpi says:

    Well i am going to try this very soon will let you know how it tasted….:) keep up the great work….ur recepies r really unique..


  2. Sharadha says:

    Hi Shilpi,

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