Say Good-Bye to Diabetes with Sprouted Cereals

Sprouted Cereals has always been one of the top foods to loose weight because they are rich in protein and fiber and above all they fill your stomach quite well.

Did you know that Sprouted Cereals is the best natural medicine to control excessive blood sugar too?

Try eating sprouted cereals three times a day and notice the miraculous effect in 7 days.

Making sprouts is very easy and inexpensive.

You can make sprouted cereals out of green gram, Chick Peas, Horse Gram and Fenugreek Seeds.

Quick Steps to Making Sprouts

  1. Soak the desired cereal for 8 hours in water.
  2. Drain the water using a drainer sieve and retain the drained cereal in the sieve overnight
  3. Next day you notice the sprouted cereals.

Note: Some cereals like Chick Peas will take more time to sprout after draining of the water.

Preserving Spouted Cereals

As it is very easy to make sprouts, instead of soaking huge quantities at a time, small quantities of 250 gm can be soaked once in three days so that you do not fall short of sprouts any time.

Make sure you keep the sprouted cereals in an air tight container and keep it in the fridge.

I am sure you must be wondering how one can eat raw sprouted cereals all the time. I agree it is not palatable.

Steamed sprouted cereals taste better but not that great to have them as it is.

No worries…. This blog presents you with a variety of recipes using sprouted cereals.

Watch out the next few posts for recipes using Sprouted Green Gram.


One Response to Say Good-Bye to Diabetes with Sprouted Cereals

  1. bhanudas says:

    can you tell me what to eat and what not to eat by a diabetic patient?

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